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Face Masks @K2 Health Bayside Hockey

Support your local Bayside Hockey Club by buying a reusable mask made by local hockey star Jenny. COST: $20 per mask For every mask sold $2 dollars goes straight to Bayside Hockey. #supportlocal ...


Fear Around You Back Pain- Has scientific evolution created a storm?

If you are suffering from chronic back pain then please watch this video. Your beliefs surrounding your condition could be the  very reason you feel so disabled by it. Adaptive patterning and altering your movements could amplify your problem. Lets change the way we think about back pain! Video Credit Prof Peter O'Sullivan ...


Telehealth Booking Available & Online Specific Physiotherapy Exercise Programs

You can book your online physiotherapy appointment with K2Health. The appointment will run for 30minutes via our online physiotherapy application called PhysiApp. We have discounted our online consults by 30% due to private health and medicare not subsidising your physiotherapy consults for Telehealth at this point in time. Please contact Krystal 0412445099 or book online via the website We are also running Pilates/ exercise rehabilitation classes weekly that are home based. You will be provided a specific exercise program tailored to you with weekly phone call and follow up. Each week your program will be adjusted to suite your body. Please contact Krystal for more information. ...

K2 Health COVID Business as usual

The Australian Physiotherapy Associatiomn has received the following advice from the Federal Minister for Health, The Hon Greg Hunt: The Australian Minister for Health has today confirmed that ALL allied health businesses can continue working and are encouraged to do so. In addition he has indicated that they are now developing full allied health telehealth options within the week for allied health along with all other health and medical services. This will be part of a staged plan. “Face to face services for many remain vital so where possible, we encourage you to continue. I thank you for your courage, dedication and care”, the Minister has said.


K2 Health – Coronavirus Update

As the Coronavirus continues to develop within Australia K2 Health wishes to put protection measures in place Pilates Classes: Currently classes have a maximum of four clients. We are changing our class size to three maximum per class to address larger spacing between clients. 1. Please use hand hygiene before coming to K2 Health 2. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, and shortness of breath. If anyone is feeling unwell or have been exposed to someone with coronavirus. Please seek medical advice 3. If you are feeling unwell please contact Krystal at K2 Health to speak about alternative home based exercise 4. If you have travelled recently to mainland China, Iran, Republic of Korea and Italy. I would ask that you do not attend classes or appointments at K2 Health. Please speak with Krystal about alternative...


K2 Health Teams up with Muscle Fix

K2 Health is super excited to announce that we have teamed up with MuscleFix to help look after YOU! Musclefix's director Evan Hawkey is a qualified remedial massage therapist with over 10years of experience. Evan started Musclefix in 2003, building his brand & clinics all over Melbourne before downscaling to have a better work life balance. He now joins us down at K2 Health so he can prioritise his family & also his amazing windsurfing ability. Evan is well known in the waterspouts community as being one of the best freestylist in Victoria. Evan is available 7 days per week. Please BOOK via his website below.    Also note the membership deal!   ...


New Private Health Reform April 1st

K2 Health is supporting the governments new rule change in regards to natural therapies. Up until now pilates has been claimable through your private health whether it be with a physiotherapist or with a pilates instructor. The new reform means that K2 Health Pilates will be changed to Physio Exercise Class. We will continue to use pilates based equipment in conjunction with physio based exercises specific for the individual client. As a client at K2 Health you will be able to claim your 'Physio Exercise Class' via your private health. The new changes requires you to have regular individual assessment every three months so that we stay on top of your rehabilitation. Please book in to see Krystal online for your reassessment


Private Natural Therapy Reform- Pilates- Does it affect Physio Based Exercise Rehabilitation

John Contreras APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist Can you explain how you use Pilates in your clinic and if that will change as a result of the reforms? We use Pilates as a part of our patient’s rehabilitation process. Following an assessment and relevant manual treatment, our patients are guided through a physio-based exercise program. Our patients have the option of completing their rehabilitation exercises independently or they can join our Pilates-based program. At this point, Pilates-based exercises are introduced into their individual programs and they continue in the group classes under the guidance of a physiotherapist. We have been reviewing the way we deliver our Pilates-based service over the last 18 months. So other than changing our description of our group sessions, we won’t need to change...