Frequently Asked Questions

K2 Health / Frequently Asked Questions
How do I book online?

On the top right hand corner of the website there is a book now icon. Click this icon. Fill in your details and appointment preference. You will receive an SMS message to confirm your appointment.

How do I claim back my private health?

Please bring your private health care card with you to your appointment for physiotherapy. We will swipe your card on the HICCAPS machine. You will be required to pay a gap. Every healthcare provider is different in how much the fund will cover your physiotherapy appointment.

We are only able to claim for you on the day of your appointment. Otherwise you can claim yourself by taking your receipt to your provider.

Can I claim private health when buying pilates packs?

Yes you can claim via your private health care when you buy pilates packs. Once you have completed your pack then you can present your receipt to your health care provider and they will re-emburse you.

How many times a week should I do pilates?

We recommend that you start with 1-2 times per week and build up to three times per week.  Our goal is to give you the body awareness and knowledge to be able to do your own sessions either at the studio or at home.

Will I receive a reminder SMS?

Yes you will receive a text message to remind you of your appointment. Please respond with a Y or N to confirm.

What happens if i cancel my class or my physiotherapy appointment?

We have a 12 hour cancellation policy for classes and a 24 hour cancellation policy for physiotherapy.  Please reschedule your classes by going online.

How do I reschedule my class?

Please reschedule via the website. You can also email K2 on [email protected]

Where do I meet my therapist?

There are three areas of K2. The Physiotherapy on the northern side of the boat area, the Pilates on the southern side and the Gymnasium within the main building next door to the cafe. If in doubt of where you need to be please meet at the top of the steps facing the water.

Are you able to provide care for TAC patients?

TAC: Yes K2 health is an accredited TAC provider. We will provider TAC with a treatment notification plan. You may be required to pay a gap for your treatment

Do you provide Pilates for women who are pregnant?

Yes at K2 we have both prenatal and post natal pilates. We focus on the core specifically to strengthen your pelvic floor and to prepare you for the physical demands of becoming a new mum. Book in for a one on one firstly for your assessment and then you will start your classes.

Can teenagers do Pilates?
K2 specialises in growth related development. Adolescent Pilates focuses on your child’s development depending on their individual growth cycle.
Some adolescents will grow at a slow steady rate over a two year period while others will experience spurts of rapid growth where bones can grow 2-5cm over one to two months. Girls can grow up to 8cm in a year between the ages of 11 and 14 years, and boys tend to grow up to 10cm a year between 13 and 16 years of age.
Latency of bone to muscle to nerve growth results in gangly uncoordinated teenager. This is a critical phase of their development whereby they are establishing key motor patterns and postural habits.
I am recovering from cancer treatment, are you able to help with regaining my strength?

The journey to full recovery can be a very long one. It isn’t just about diagnoses and treatment. Returning back to activity can be daunting. K2 helps to build your confidence to slowly build up strength endurance & overall wellness.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes we have disabled access to our physiotherapy treatment rooms. The pilates studio requires the use of stairs

Is there parking?

Yes there is free parking if you have a bayside parking permit. Otherwise you are able to purchase tickets. Alternately there is limited 1-2hour parking across the road from the Yacht Club.

Do you write gym programs?

Yes the highly qualified K2 physiotherapists are able to write a specific functional exercise program to reach your goals. A physiotherapy screen and assessment is required before writing the program. K2 recommends that you complete your first six weeks under the guidance of a K2 staff member to check technique.

There is a Royal Brighton Yacht Club gymnasium where you can become a member (gym only options) & complete our program. Please contact RBYC direct for this membership.