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Physiotherapy uses a wide range of treatment techniques to restore nerve, muscle and joint range of motion and strength. Our experience staff will diagnose your injury, and then help guide your rehabilitation program with the goal to long term self management.

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Pilates helps to retrain your pattern of movements and posture, whilst improving your strength, flexibility, core, coordination and balance. Pilates helps to maintain body balance and alignment.

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Sport Specific Screenings

Each year it is important to make sure you are in good physical form for your sport. Highlighting potential problem areas and starting a prevention program is very important to making sure you finish the season without injuries.

Dry Needling

is similar to acupuncture whereby small needles are used to release trigger points. Placing the needle into the trigger point helps to release a reflex relaxation response of the overactive tight band of muscle.

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K2 strives to help people achieve their individual goals, by setting the right environment for change. K2 supports its clients by giving expert advice that is focused on building a balanced body, physically & by providing friendships and fun.