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Krystal Weir


Krystal Weir started her professional career in body work at an early age.A hockey player and sailor, with the drive and discipline to succeed, Krystal was spotted by the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) at age 15.Krystal trained with the VIS for 16 years. During this time she won her first world championship (in sailing) at age 17. She also holds numerous state and national championship titles; was a member of the Australian Sailing Team for 10 years, training with the Australian Institute of Sport.Out of little things big things grow, and Krystal fulfilled one of her many dreams in 2008 when she represented Australia at the Beijing Olympics. In 2012, Krystal was back in the Olympic arena – representing Australia for a second time at the London Olympic Games. In 2017 she won national acclaim and awards for her Coaching Programs. A love of movement, a determination to succeed, personal physical challenges, and a desire to support others to experience movement as a fun, life affirming and motivating force – led Krystal to pursue a career in sports science and physiotherapy. Her qualifications include a Bachelor in Exercise Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy (Sydney University). Prior to founding K2:Health, Krystal practiced in the heart of Kings Cross, Sydney, at St.Vincent Hospital. In Melbourne, Krystal has worked at Alfred Health, GESAC Physiotherapy Centre, andxxxx Courses she has completed include: Lyn Watson Shoulder; Mulligans Upper Limb; Trish Wiseby Roth 3D hip; Level 1 Sports & Spinal APA; Dry Needling APA; and Qualified APPI Pilates Instructor. Krystal is also on the board for the Australian Physiotherapy Association musculoskeletal committee.


Evan Hawkey

Remedial Massage Therapist

Musclefix’s director Evan Hawkey is a qualified remedial massage therapist with over 10years of experience. Evan started Musclefix in 2003, building his brand & clinics all over Melbourne before downscaling to have a better work life balance. He now joins us down at K2 Health so he can prioritise his family & also his amazing windsurfing ability. Evan is well known in the waterspouts community as being one of the best freestylist in Victoria. Evan is available 7 days per week. Please BOOK via his website below. Also note the membership deal!


Suzanne Dow

Practice Manager

K2: Health is blessed to have Suzanne on-board with her energetic nature. It is assured that the ship keeps sailing when Suzanne is on-board. Along with her husband Grant Dow, Suzanne owned & sold there very successful business True South a microbrewery in Black Rock. Suzanne is extremely active amongst the Bayside community providing her book keeping skills for Brighton Grammar & Firbank Grammar school.


Jodie Coall

Massage Therapist

What you get from working with JC is an open, aware and authentic human. A rare and unique bird who is a ‘Jack of all trades’. A fun loving, animal and people hugger, traveller, eater (always eating  ) lover of music, art and bringing people together. She has a talent for problem solving and helping people leave things (such as relationships, jobs and habits) that aren’t working and finding ones that do.<br /> For over 17 years, JC was the owner and Director of Melbourne Natural Wellness, one of the longest standing wellness centres in Melbourne. Helping over 20,000 people to live their best lives. She received a Lord Mayors Commendation for this and also won clinic of the year award 2016 ATMS Australian Traditional Medicine Society / Nature & Health Magazine.<br /> As a Wellness Industry leader, JC is well known and respected for her dedication to education and her ability to truly connect with people. She started out as a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer in 1999. She is inspired to educate others on the importance of maintaining all 9 dimensions of life: physical, mental, emotional, learning & growth, environmental, financial, social & occupational. She encourages you to check-in with your body and mind often. Recognising signs and symptoms early and taking action to not only live in a body and mind you love, but one that works for you.<br /> Where else can you find JC? When she isn’t playing sport, at the gym, reading educational books in the sun, doing charity events or travelling around the world being inspired by other people’s stories and connecting with people, she is spending quality time with friends and family -including the red and blue ‘healers’ Cardi & Jumpa<br /> Please book a session with Jodie via her website


Jacquie Dundee

APAM / APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Jacquie has over 20 years experience as a physiotherapist. She is a titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and has completed a Masters degree in this discipline of physiotherapy. Jacquie is passionate about maximising performance at all levels, whether this be for sports, post injury or activities of daily living. In addition she has an interest in adolescent musculoskeletal health and is involved in screening and prevention programs in sports such as netball (Jacquie is a Netball Australia authorised provider of the netball knee program ), soccer, dance, swimming, football and basketball. She also has an interest in concussion rehabilitation. Jacquie runs Pilates and Hydrotherapy classes in addition to her normal patient load, and is able to perform dry needling where indicated. Recently Jacquie enjoyed her work as a volunteer physiotherapist at the Master’s Games in Alice Springs.